Ok….sometimes its hard to get any inspiration and birth it, but that is a state of being rigid….and beeing rigid comes from unhealed trauma. In this state you are like a broken arrow, like a dead vinetree, like a rotten fruit with broken wings. And you can not receive without thankfulness, humility and devotion…..that are the powers that crack you up, so that the light falls into you, into your darkest places, into your wounds to heal and transform and transcend.

Therefore the wound must heal first. Rigid means kind of stuck, kind of set, kind of hooked into something and hold on rigid to something….but when you are at it’s end and still hold on, or you are entering a next level in your life you will go through this state of being rigid and numb as the ego, your personal firewall has to die… a little more….and more…..and more…..and than the muse showes up again… …..just keep going.

Inspiration is like a tree with fruits in a beautiful garden… day you are there.

Trust and faith and patience helps us through this state…..daily personal work and prayer.

Prayers spoken and thought with passion…..god loves passion.

God is strength, beauty, inspiration, joy, oneness, faith, sincere feelings, passion, wisdom, love, sexuality

You see, we have everything with us, hosted on mother earth
pray with love, joy, passion and gratidute
The power of prayer and thanks on water….. the very basic of our human existance ….carrying and hosting a body for our experience as a multidimensionalbeeing

© starseed priestess

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